Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Wow, two posts in and I'm already using this thing to bitch and moan. Oh well, here goes:

Someone want to tell me why this school cant do something about shuttle over-population? Sure, I've seen people not get on because the shuttle was full, but I've always seen it happen from the relative comfort of a bus seat. Yesterday was the first time since I started going here that I couldn't even sit on the floor('Cause I've done that). Their solution? "Take BART." Thanks for shit, that's no solution. Last semester i had a friday class in SF that I rode BART to every week. Cost me six bucks roundtrip, plus I had to skate a mile down 16th. I'd leave the house at 11:30 and show up a few scant minutes before my class at one. And this was with planning and preparation. The fact that I'd already skated the 3/4 of a mile between my house and the Oakland campus meant I'd have to tack on that distance as well. So I said "fuck it," went home, and hopped that I didn't miss too much in class. Yeah, I'm lazy, but I didn't feel like busting my ass to miss half of class and spend $3.50 I didn't have.

Big sporting news this weekend: With a UFC card and Superbowl XL on Saturday and Sunday respectively, much beer was consumed. Ever since I turned 21, Albertsons has become the go-to spot for booze(sorry Safeway). 24 cans of Pabst for less than $12? I'm not nearly strong enough to say no to that. Plus, it's way closer. I hope someday that UFC becomes comparitvly popular as the Superbowl, cuase I had way for fun watching men fight each other to near death. Plus, it had to be one of the bloodiest fight cards I ever saw. I mean BLOODY. like, blood everywhere in two different fights. But no fights called because of blood. The refs are getting lenient.

Can't say the same for the refs at the Superbowl. They were bought and paid for. Did everything in their power to keep the Seahawks from having a shot at the game. Completly bullshit holding and offensive pass interference calls. I'd be more pissed, but I could give half a shit about the Seahawks. It's not like it matters, anyway. We're a decade off from AI refs anyways. That will be tight. Unless someone hacks them. Then that would suck even harder than bad human refs. But way less than Skynet taking over the world. So maybe AI isn't the solution.


Blogger Steve Portigal said...

Didn't Futurama do an episode of future Olympics/football/baseball or something? Your AI refs would fit in there.

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